Symphony No. 4 in D (Capricieuse) (Hardback)

Berwald, Franz

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Berwald Sinfonie capricieuse (Symphony No.2) in D major (Full Score, hardback)

FRANZ BERWALD (1796-1868) is regarded today not only as one of Sweden's most important composers, but also, due to his symphonies and his chamber music, as a leading figure in the history of Northern European music of the 19th century.  His compositions include, in addition to four symphonies and the chamber music, tone poems for orchestra, concertos, operas ("Estrella di Soria" and "The Queen of Golconda"), cantatas, solo songs with piano accompaniment, piano music and much more.

- Urtext of the Berwald Complete Edition Volume 2

Castegren, Nils
Baerenreiter Germany

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