Symphony No.44 in E minor (Trauersinfonie) Hob.I:44 (Full Score)

Haydn, Joseph

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Haydn Symphony No.44 in E minor (Trauersinfonie) Hob.I:44 (Full Score)

Associating the term “Sturm und Drang” with Haydn’s creative period from ca. 1765 to ca. 1772 is considered controversial among scholars, but it does describe a unique group of works within his symphonies: works characterised by an impetuous, colourful tonal language, featuring minor keys prominently, with rapid tempo sequences and effects taken from contemporary opera such as tremolos and recitatives.

The Symphony in E minor Hob.I:44 was composed towards the end of this creative period and certainly showcases the “Sturm und Drang” dramatic style with its resolute unison main theme in the opening movement, a sustained dance and sensitive slow movement as well as a Presto finale.  The work received the nickname “Mourning” Symphony in recent reception history because of its melancholic character and the anecdote that Haydn chose the third movement (Adagio) as his funeral music.

- One of Haydn’s most popular “Sturm und Drang” symphonies in a performing edition

- Based on the Urtext of the G. Henle Complete Edition of the “Works of Joseph Haydn”

- Orchestral parts in a large format (25.5 cm × 32.5 cm)

Friesenhagen, Andreas , Wilker, Ulrich
Baerenreiter Germany

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