Tagtraum for Flute or Clarinet

Hamel, Peter Michael

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Hamel Tagtraum for Flute or Clarinet

Peter Michael Hamel was born on July 15th, 1947 in Munich and received his first piano lesson from his aunt, Amalie Jensen-Pletsch, later adding the violin, the cello and the French horn. He studied composition from 1965-70, privately with Fritz Büchtger and then as a pupil of Günter Bialas at the Staatliche Musikhochschule in Munich. He also studied musicology with Thrasybulos Georgiades and Carl Dahlhaus, sociology and psychology in Munich and Berlin and became involved with Free Jazz, political cabaret, Musique concrète and electronics. He also produced music for plays and TV programmes by his father, Kurt Peter Hamel (1911-1979).

The German Minister for Culture and Media Bernd Neumann wrote on the occasion of Hamel’s 60th birthday: “…You are a wanderer between the worlds of music, a pioneer: your music draws upon a wide spectrum of traditions, from New Music, Jazz and Rock to influences from outside Europe. You have found ever new sources for your inspiration but created from it your own very original universe. Your cross-border explorations have hugely enriched the musical life in Germany, and you belong to the most exceptional composers of our time.”

For more information visit www.p-m-hamel.de/peter-michael-hamel--english.html

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