The Infant Paganini (Violin & Piano)

Mollenhauer, Edward

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Mollenhauer The Infant Paganini (Violin & Piano)

Born in Erfurt, the composer Edward Mollenhauer (1827–1914) achieved success in America as a soloist and teacher.  His best-known pieces for young violinists are The Infant Paganini and The Boy Paganini.

The Mollenhauer fantasia The Infant Paganini is a charming introduction to early virtuoso techniques. It calls for bowing techniques such as detaché, legato, spiccato and arpeggios over three strings.  Players are also expected to play harmonics and pizzicato.

This showpiece (BA 10691) can be accomplished by young violinists who can play in first to third position and who are nearing completion of the Sassmannshaus Early Start on the Violin, volume 4.

The Boy Paganini is an impressive concert piece which is more demanding.  Its two movements call for changes of metre, harmonics and pizzicato.  Other challenges include chords on all four strings and simple passages in octaves.

On the violin (BA 10692), the technical requirements call for first to fifth position.  Violinists should have completed volume 4 of Early Start on the Violin in order to master this work.   

- Popular recital pieces for young violinists and cellists.

- Both works form an ideal continuation of the Sassmannshaus Early Start methods

Sassmannshaus, Kurt
Baerenreiter Germany

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