The Techniques of Oboe Playing (Paperback)

Veale, Peter

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The Techniques of Oboe Playing (Paperback)

This volume, which also contains a CD, is the first to cover all aspects of sound production and performance technique for the oboe, making it a standard reference work with reliable and comprehensive information regarding the notation, performance practice, and sound results of different techniques, including the newest contemporary ones.

"The publication of this first truly well-grounded compendium of new techniques of oboe playing fills me with much satisfaction. For far too long a time composers, performers, and musicologists have had to content themselves with publications that were not able to meet the demands for exactness combined with practicability. I hope that as many composers and performers as possible will concern themselves with this new book, which no longer leaves any room for approximations or superficial knowledge." (Heinz Holliger)

A compendium with additional remarks on the whole oboe family (German/English/French)

Baerenreiter Germany

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English, French, German