Thirty Melodies with Rhymes for the Youngest Violinists

Micková, Magdalena

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Micková Thirty Melodies with Rhymes for the Youngest Violinists

This little violin method was written by the well-known Czech violin teacher Magdaléna Micková for children of around five years old and incorporates her longstanding teaching experience with this age group.  The child first learns to hold the violin correctly, to place the fingers on the fingerboard, to pluck the strings and use the bow.

The pieces that follow consist of simple melodies that are printed with large child-friendly notes and allow fingering in the major key to be practised in first position.  Rhymes are underlaid making it easier for the children to grasp the rhythms quickly.  The pieces are arranged progressively until legato playing is achieved in the last piece.

A valuable help are online teaching videos that Magdeléna Micková recorded with one of her students.

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  1. Crow [Micková, Magdalena]
  2. Mushrooms [Micková, Magdalena]
  3. Rooster [Micková, Magdalena]
  4. Devils [Micková, Magdalena]
  5. Fireplace Fred [Micková, Magdalena]
  6. Grandson [Micková, Magdalena]
  7. Little Train [Micková, Magdalena]
  8. The Chase [Micková, Magdalena]
  9. Little Wind [Micková, Magdalena]
  10. Baker [Micková, Magdalena]
  11. Merry Song [Micková, Magdalena]
  12. Little Song [Micková, Magdalena]
  13. The Wood Chopper [Micková, Magdalena]
  14. Snake [Micková, Magdalena]
  15. Playing Tag [Micková, Magdalena]
  16. Grumpy Gary [Micková, Magdalena]
  17. Carol [Micková, Magdalena]
  18. Snow [Micková, Magdalena]
  19. Beer [Micková, Magdalena]
  20. Saint Nicholas [Micková, Magdalena]
  21. The Sea [Micková, Magdalena]
  22. Tabby Cat [Micková, Magdalena]
  23. In the Mountains [Micková, Magdalena]
  24. Porridge [Micková, Magdalena]
  25. Grandma's Apples [Micková, Magdalena]
  26. Cuckoo [Micková, Magdalena]
  27. Kite [Micková, Magdalena]
  28. Fox [Micková, Magdalena]
  29. November [Micková, Magdalena]
  30. Little Devil [Micková, Magdalena]

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