Three Sonatas and three Partitas for Solo Violin (BWV 1001-1006)

Bach, Johann Sebastian

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J S Bach Three Sonatas and three Partitas for Solo Violin (BWV 1001-1006)

Johann Sebastian Bach’s cycle of three sonatas and three partitas for unaccompanied violin represents an uncontested point of culmination in western music for the violin.  The pieces set new standards both in instrumental performance and compositional technique – standards that have lost none of their currency over the years.

- This revised edition represents the most up-to-date state of research and is based on the Urtext of the New Bach Edition – Revised (NBArev), volume BA5937-01

- The edition is fully corrected and revised

- The musical text is newly engraved with a clear and generous layout

- Page turns and pagination have been retained from the previous edition. This means that you can easily navigate between this new edition and the old one (BA5116)

- The edition includes a detailed Preface (Ger/Eng) by Peter Wollny from the New Bach Edition – Revised (NBArev), providing information on the genesis of these sonatas and partitas, their context and the sources

Hausswald, Günter , Wollny, Peter
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Sonata 1 G minor, BWV 1001 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  2. Partita 1 B minor, BWV 1002 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  3. Sonata 2 A minor, BWV 1003 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  4. Partita 2 D minor, BWV 1004 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  5. Sonata 3 C major, BWV 1005 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  6. Partita 3 E major, BWV 1006 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]

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