Tolomeo, Re di Egitto (HWV 25) (Vocal Score)

Handel, George Frideric

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Handel Tolomeo, Re di Egitto (HWV 25) (Vocal Score)

Tolomeo was Handel’s last opera for the Royal Academy of Music in London.  Composed between March and 19 April 1728, it was premiered on 30 April. Handel revived the opera several times further: in 1730 in an extensive revision, with seven performances, and in 1733 with four performances.

The historical background is the dispute between Cleopatra III and her younger son Ptolemaio X Alexander I ( Tolomeo ).  In 110 BC Cleopatra drove Tolomeo out of Egypt.  She died, irreconciled to him, in 101 BC.

The new vocal score is based on the “Halle Handel Edition”.  The main part contains the version from the premiere.
The extensive appendix also enables later versions to be performed.

Based on the Urtext of the Halle Handel Edition
Thoroughly revised, practical performing vocal score
Italian text, with German singing translation
Detailed foreword in two languages (German/English)

Also available: full score, and performance material to hire

Pacholke, Michael
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