Under the Christmas Tree - 26 Carols for Recorders

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Under the Christmas Tree - 26 Carols for Recorders

Recorder Solo or 2 descant recorders/ 2 descant recorders and treble recorder / descant recorder and 2 treble recorders / descant recorder, treble recorder, tenor recorder, bass recorder, oboe, clarinet, horn, trumpet.

Album of Czech and Moravian Christmas carols should stand out from the other collections of carols that usually flood the pre-Christmas market.  It presents 26 of the best-known as well as of less frequent carols for 2 - 4 instruments.

The suggested instruments are recorders, however, tunes might be played on flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones of the same tuning, horns and trumpets.  They might sound equally well on violins or in varied combinations of already mentioned instruments.

In this way, one can use Gruber's inventive and effective arrangements in order to create different combinations of instruments and enjoy their ever changing sound.

Gruber, Rudolf
Baerenreiter UK

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