Violin Classics for two Violins

Bodunov, Vladimir

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Bodunov Violin Classics for two Violins (2 Playing Scores)

This volume contains a selection of the most appealing classical melodies for two violins. The parts make the most of the lower range of the violin and the player is not expected to read too many ledger lines for high notes.

The author
Born in Belarus, Vladimir Bodunov (1981) is an arranger, composer and artist. He plays the violin, piano and singing saw.

Bodunov, Vladimir
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Hallelujah “Messiah” [Handel, G. F.]
  2. Overture and Aria from “The Magic Flute” [Mozart, W. A.]
  3. Autumn from "the Four Seasons" [Vivaldi, A.]
  4. Serenade from "String Quartet in F major, Hob. III:17" [Haydn, Joseph]
  5. Menuet from "String Quintet in E major, Op.11,5" [Boccherini, L.]
  6. Polonaise from Op.40,1 [Chopin, F.]
  7. Melody from “La Traviata” [Verdi, G.]
  8. Tales from the Vienna woods [Strauss, J.]
  9. Melody from the Ballet “Swan Lake” [Tschaikowsky, P. I.]
  10. In the Hall of the Mountain King [Grieg, E.]

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