Violin Recital Album Volume 2 (Violin & Piano / Two Violins)

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Violin Recital Album Volume 2 (Violin & Piano / Two Violins)

13 Recital Pieces in First Position for Violin and Piano or Two Violins

These two collections (BA 9668, BA 9669) give young students and teachers a rich selection of recital pieces, either to complement the Sassmannshaus “Early Start on the Violin” method or to play independently from it.  As all the pieces are written entirely in first position, they can be used after just a few months of lessons.

The piano part may be played by the teacher or an advanced student.  As an alternative, the accompaniment can be played by a second violin.  All the pieces are available in exemplary recordings on YouTube.

From the contents of Volumes 1 and 2:
Nursery rhymes, folksongs but also less well-known gems, as well as original pieces by the editors, all precisely tailored to meet the needs of young students.

- New recital pieces for the tried and trusted Sassmannshaus violin method

- All pieces written in first position

- With a second violin part for duet performance

- Available in freely accessible recordings on YouTube

Kurt Sassmannshaus, the editor of a great many string editions in the Bärenreiter catalogue, continues the tradition founded by his father Egon Sassmannshaus in the “Early Start” string methods.  He developed these two new editions together with his wife Melissa Lusk and his son Christoph Sassmannshaus.

Amy Woodforde-Finden (1860-1919) was born to American parents in Valparaiso, Chile where her father was serving as the US Consul.  At the age of 35 she married an English Lieutenant-Colonel Woodford Woodforde-Finden who was serving as a brigadier and surgeon in the Indian Army.  Her travels to exotic eastern locations became the impetus for dozens of popular songs.  She was adept at blending the sounds of Asia and South Asia with the expectations of an American and English audience.

“The Temple Bells” has been transcribed for violin and is included in our Recital Album.  It is one of Four Indian Love Lyrics published by Boosey & Co. in 1902.  The most famous of these is the Kashmiri Song which has been performed by many artists including Yehudi Mehuhin, Rudolph Valentino and Xavier Cugat.  More recently Julian Weber has recorded a transcription for cello.  A brief YouTube search will reveal pages of recordings of this beloved song.

Baerenreiter Germany


  1. The Last Rose of Summer [Winner, Septimus]
  2. Mandoline Serenade [Desormes, Louis César]
  3. Arminta Waltz [Greenwald, Martin]
  4. Capriccio Polka [Leonardi, Salvador]
  5. Haymakers' Dance [Volti, Carl]
  6. Zamaretta [Greenwald, Martin]
  7. Serioso [Mendelssohn, Ludwig]
  8. The Temple Bells [Woodforde-Finden, Amy]
  9. Danse Espagnole [Lagye, Benoni]
  10. Gypsy Dance [Seitz, Ferdinand]
  11. In the Woods [Volti, Carl]
  12. Tarantella [Leonardi, Salvador]
  13. Mandolinata [Franz, Albert]

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