Works for Male Choir / Works for Equal Voices, Volume 2 (Score hardback)

Gade, Niels

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Gade Works for Male Choir / Works for Equal Voices, Volume 2 (Score hardback)
Niels W. Gade. Works Volume IV/11

Niels Wilhelm Gade (1817–1890) Works
Edited by the Foundation for the Publication of the Works of Niels W. Gade, Copenhagen

With only one exception, Gade composed his works for male choir with accompaniment for Danish choral societies, numerous of which had been founded across the country since 1839.  These societies were often closely connected with professional associations, making them equally important for musical and social matters.

This volume contains five occasional works for male choir with accompaniment that were composed between around 1838 and 1883.  Three of them were intended for church usage (two funerals and one wedding).

Among the works for equal voices and accompaniment in this volume, “Aarstidsbilleder” Op.51 is the longest.  It was composed for the women of The Music Society in Copenhagen and conducted by Gade himself during the 1871/72 seasons.

The appendix contains works that were completed, but do not allow for definitive decisions regarding their final presentation.

Niels W. Gade is one of the leading Danish composers of the nineteenth century.  However only about half of his prolific œuvre has appeared in print.  Given this fact and the growing current interest in Gade, there is an urgent need for a scholarly-critical Urtext edition of his music to meet the demands of both scholars and performers.

This edition will contain all of Gade's completed compositions and separate movements as well as the arrangements he made of his own works and those of other composers.  In general, the main text presents the “definitive” version based on Gade's personal copy of the printed work.  However, all the remaining sources have also been consulted for purposes of comparison.  Every editorial decision is mentioned and justified in the critical report (English).

Moe, Bjarke
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Brat svinder Livet for vort Blik (Suddenly life disappears from our view): Instrumentation: Male choir (TTBB), Organ [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  2. No. 1 Chorale [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  3. No. 2 "Brat svinder Livet for vort Blik" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  4. No. 3 "Thi savne vi i al vor Fryd" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  5. No. 4 "Held den, som slig en Brud har fundet" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  6. No. 5 Prayer [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  7. Sang til C. E. F. Weyse (Song to C. E. F. Weyse): Instrumentation: Male choir (TB), Strings [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  8. Nu staaer Claveret lukt (Now the piano stands closed): Instrumentation: Male choir (TB), Strings [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  9. De vilde Jægere (The wild Hunters): Instrumentation: Tenor solo (2), Bass solo (2), Male choir (TTBB), Horn (4) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  10. Hans Christian Ørsted: Instrumentation: Männerchor (TB), Kornett (in A, B), Alt-Posaune (2), Bass-Posaune, Orgel [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  11. No. 1"Nu sank den Haand, der øved den mægtigste Bedrift" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  12. No. 2 "I sidste Høst, da Løvet faldt" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  13. No. 3 "Vor Lærer og vor Ven!" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  14. Viborg Domkirche (Viborg Cathedral): Instrumentation: Male choir (TB), Cornet (2), Alto horn, Trombone (2), Tuba [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  15. No. 1 "Hvor Oldtids Offerstene sank" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  16. No. 2 "Og Sekler randt" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  17. No. 3 "Da sendtes dette Herrens Hus" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  18. No. 4 "Og atter Sekler randt" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  19. No. 5 "Da spredtes Taagen atter" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  20. Sangertog gjennem Sundet (Choral Procession through the Sound) Instrumentation: Male choir (TTBB), Piano [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  21. No. 1 Afreise (Departure) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  22. No. 2 Langs Kysten (Along the Coast) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  23. No. 3 Hveen [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  24. No. 4 Rongsted [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  25. No. 5 Ankomst til Kronberg (Arrival at Kronberg) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  26. Werke für gleiche Stimmen mit Begleitung: Confirmationssange (Confirmation Songs): Instrumentation: Soprano solo, Tenor solo, Female choir, Organ [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  27. No. 1 "Pagten er sluttet med Sandhedens Gud" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  28. No. 2 "Hid til Kirken alt som Lille" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  29. No. 3 "Ak, men saa svagt er et Menneskes Hjerte" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  30. Et Farvel (A Farewell): Instrumentation: Female choir (SA), Piano [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  31. Aarstidsbilleder (Seasonal Pictures) Op.51: Instrumentation: Soprano solo, Alto solo, Tenor solo, Female choir (SA), Piano (2), Strings [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  32. No. 1 Sommernat (Summer-night) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  33. No. 2 Løvfald (Leaf-fall) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  34. No. 3 Julekveld (Christmas Eve) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  35. No. 4 Løvspring (Leaf-spring) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  36. Appendix: Som Morgendug mit Liv hensvinder (As the morning dew my life melts away) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  37. No. 1 "Som Morgendug mit Liv hensider" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  38. No. 2 "Vor Tanke bort fra Jorden iler" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  39. Bundeslied (Comrades' Song): [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  40. Nordens Folkeaand (The Spirit of the Scandinavian People) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  41. Vor Barneverden er saa skjøn (Our childish world is so beautiful) [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  42. No. 1 "Vor Barneverden er saa skjøn" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  43. No. 2 Chorale [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]
  44. No. 3 "Lyksalige vi, som endnu staae" [Gade, Niels Wilhelm]

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