Divertimenti and Serenades for Wind Instruments, Vol.2 Full Score (Hardback)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Divertimenti and Serenades for Wind Instruments, Vol.2  Full Score (Hardback)

Serenade in E-flat K.375 (a 6)
Serenade in E-flat K.75 (a 8)
Serenade in C minor K.388 (384a) (a 8) 
Serenade in B-flat K.361 (370a) (a 13)
Adagio in B-flat (K.411; K.6:484a) (a 5) 
Appx: Beginning of a slow movement(Andante ?) in E-flat (K.6:384 B)
Beginning of a March in B-flat K.384b 
Beginning of an Allegro (?) in B-flat K.Anh. 96 (196g; K.6:384c) 
Beginning of an Allegro assai in B-flat K.Anh. 95 (440b; K.6:484b) 
Beginning of an Adagio in F K.Anh. 93 (440c; K.6:484c)
Fragment of an Allegro K.6:484e 
Adagio in F (Fragment) K. Anh. 94 (580a)  • 
Beginning of a 1.(?) movement to a Serenade (?) in C minor K.6:deest 
Melody-Fragment K.6:deest (Facsimile and transcription)

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