Moravian Duets Op.20, 32, 38 (Voice & Piano)

Dvorák, Antonín

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Dvorak Moravian Duets Op.20, 32, 38 (Voice & Piano)

The Moravian Duets, written to Moravian folk songs with piano accompaniment, were instigated by Jan Neff, an influential wholesale merchant in Prague who employed Dvorak as a piano teacher for his family.

The composer first wrote Three Duets for Soprano and Tenor with piano accompaniment, Op.20.  The Neff family were delighted with them and so Dvorak continued with cycles II and III, Op.32, this time for female voices.

The entire collection culminated in 1877 with another four duets with piano accompaniment, published as Op.38.  Instead of a simple arrangement of folk melodies, Dvorak created duets based on folk texts with their own musical setting. This opus contributed significantly to the success and familiarity of the composer's work abroad.

This title is the critical edition based on the composer's manuscript.

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  1. Op.20 Promeny / Bestimmung / Destined [Dvorák, Antonín]
  2. Op.20 Rozloucení / Der Abschied / The Parting [Dvorák, Antonín]
  3. Op.20 Chudoba / Das Seidenband / The Silken Band [Dvorák, Antonín]
  4. Op.20 Vure sohaj, vure / Der letzte Wunsch / The Last Wish [Dvorák, Antonín]
  5. Op.32 A já ti uplynu / Die Flucht / From thee now I must go [Dvorák, Antonín]
  6. Op.32 Velet, vtácku / Das Vöglein / Fly, sweet songster [Dvorák, Antonín]
  7. Op.32 Dyby byla kosa nabrosená / Die Trennung / The Slighted Heart [Dvorák, Antonín]
  8. Op.32 V dobrym sme se sesli / Scheiden ohne Leiden / Parting without Sorrow [Dvorák, Antonín]
  9. Op.32 Slavíkovsky polecko maly / Das Pfand der Liebe / The Pledge of Love [Dvorák, Antonín]
  10. Op.32 Holub na javore / Die Verlassene / Forsaken [Dvorák, Antonín]
  11. Op.32 Voda a plác / Die Träne / Sad of Heart [Dvorák, Antonín]
  12. Op.32 Skromná / Die Bescheidene / The Modest Maid [Dvorák, Antonín]
  13. Op.32 Prsten / Der Ring / The Ring [Dvorák, Antonín]
  14. Op.32 Zelenaj se, zelenaj / Die Zuversicht / Omens [Dvorák, Antonín]
  15. Op.32 Zajatá / Die Gefangene / Zhe Maid Imprisoned [Dvorák, Antonín]
  16. Op.32 Neveta / Der Trost / Comfort [Dvorák, Antonín]
  17. Op.32 Sípek / Die wilde Rose / The Wild Rose [Dvorák, Antonín]
  18. Op.32 Zivot vojensky / Soldatenabschied / The Soldier's Farewell [Dvorák, Antonín]
  19. Op.38 Moznost / Vergebliches Hoffen / Hoping in Vain [Dvorák, Antonín]
  20. Op.38 Jablko / Gruß aus der Ferne / Greeting From Afar [Dvorák, Antonín]
  21. Op.38 Venecek / Der Kranz / The Crown [Dvorák, Antonín]
  22. Op.38 Hore / Der Schmerz / The Smart [Dvorák, Antonín]
  23. Op.38 Na tej nasej strese / Dort auf unserm Dache / There on our roof [Dvorák, Antonín]

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