Sonatas for Violin and Piano Volume 3: Six Early Sonatas K.26-31

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Volume 3: Six Early Sonatas K.26-31

When Leopold Mozart was about to leave London with his family at the end of July 1765, where they had been staying since 23 April 1764, to return to Salzburg via Paris, Milan and Venice, he was persuaded by the Dutch ambassador to go to The Hague rather than Paris “as the Princess of Weilburg, the sister of the Prince of Orange, was so curious to see this child of whom she had heard and read so much”.

Just two days after the arrival of the Mozarts in The Hague (10 September 1765), Wolfgang had to play before the Princess at her Voorhout Palace and was invited again on 18 September.  After composing a few arias for the Princess in January 1766, of which only one, Conservati fedele, K. 23, has survived, he wrote six sonatas for violin and piano in February.  Unfortunately little is known about the origin of these sonatas.

- Urtext of the New Mozart Edition


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