The Secret Garden - Modern Piano Nocturnes

Metelka, Jakub

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Metelka The Secret Garden - Modern Piano Nocturnes

The album “The Secret Garden” by Jakub Metelka (b. 1986) contains fifteen recital pieces in simple song form, thus tying in with his successful, technically less demanding piano cycle “Little Virtuoso” (BA11569).  The individual compositions in the collection are characterized by Metelka’s unmistakable, tonally anchored melodic style, enriched with many unusual harmonies and colours, which here underlines the slightly melancholic and mysterious character of these nocturnal pieces.  The playful illustrations by Andrea Tachezy reflect these moods in an imaginative and charming way.

Although it is not really a predetermined cycle, the fifteen atmospheric character pieces, with their programmatic titles and their arrangement tell a kind of fairy tale that culminates in the magical final composition “The Secret Garden”.

- 15 recital pieces that evoke nocturnal moods

- Of medium difficulty

- Audio recordings online

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  1. The Wisp [Metelka, Jakub]
  2. The Witch [Metelka, Jakub]
  3. Dance of the Animated Statues [Metelka, Jakub]
  4. The Crystal Chamber [Metelka, Jakub]
  5. The Lake [Metelka, Jakub]
  6. The Dove [Metelka, Jakub]
  7. The Ancient Manor [Metelka, Jakub]
  8. The Kobold [Metelka, Jakub]
  9. The Nobleman's Carriage [Metelka, Jakub]
  10. The Morning Star [Metelka, Jakub]
  11. Chirping [Metelka, Jakub]
  12. The Squab [Metelka, Jakub]
  13. The Storm [Metelka, Jakub]
  14. Saying Farewell [Metelka, Jakub]
  15. The Secret Garden [Metelka, Jakub]

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21st Century
Czech, English, German